Adductor group (Gracilis, Pectineus, Adductor Longus, Adductor Brevis, Adductor Magnus)


The Adductors act to bring the leg closer to the midline of the body. Each individual muscle has a slightly different action, in addition to adducting the leg, and that will determine whether it acts like a hip flexor or a hamstring.  Thus these muscles will be recruited when you are walking, sitting or running etc. This very important and strong group of groin muscles take up most of the real estate on your pubic bone and femur and, as such, have a huge impact on pelvic positioning, femoral rotation and movement.

Unless you’ve had a groin pull, you likely won’t notice that these muscles exist. When tight, they can present pain or discomfort in many different areas. A sharp pain in the Sacroiliac (SI) joint can indicate that the pelvis is being tilted anteriorly by either tight adductors or hip flexors. Hip pain, where a patient is unable to sleep on their side because it wakes them up at night, can be a sign that the adductors are rotating the femur internally thus causing your Tensor Fascia Latae (TFL)/glutes to be under constant tension. Medial knee pain can also be contributed to hypertonic adductors. They also have strong fascial ties to the pelvic floor and ultimately your core.

I have been working on these muscles for some time now and have had great success relieving hip and low back pain. It is an area of the body that most people don’t spend a lot of time thinking about but should be stretching on a regular basis.

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