Children and Sports Massage

These days, children are more active than ever before, often participating in a multitude of highly competitive sports starting at a much younger age. Along with that superior level of training comes an increase in the amount of injuries associated with that particular sport or activity. Many sports are very repetitive and may also have a rotational aspect to them that puts extra strain on the lumbar and thoracic areas of the spine.  Shoulder issues are very common which can lead to neck tightness and headaches. Running and jumping sports tend to lead to hip, knee, and ankle injuries as well as plantar fasciitis.  Couple this with muscles that just can’t keep up with a young, growing body and you have the potential for tightness, strain, or possible injury.

Massage therapy can help alleviate the pain and symptoms related to sports injuries by working on the affected soft tissue. Finding the cause of the pain, instead of just treating symptoms, is the first step in getting long lasting results. After assessing the area(s) of concern, a therapist would then construct a treatment plan that would include specific techniques for the condition and the frequency of treatments required. Stretching and strengthening exercises would also be recommended to help maintain flexibility and power.

Checking in with your kids and asking them how they feel is the first step to injury prevention. If they are complaining of aches and pains now, it’s time to think about getting them in for a treatment. Age doesn’t discriminate when it comes to injury, and the sooner they are treated the faster they will recover and the better they will feel and perform.